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'The Basics' We Got You Covered


Check out the buzz on our NEW Hoodie Hijab

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Let me count the ways...


We only use the best quality fabrics, sourced prewashed and ethically produced in the US, and  made to last unlike any other!


 Where do I start. Everything about this collection I love. The Cardigans & Hijab. They are comfortable and they also make you feel so confident when wearing modest clothing/hijab. Also what's amazing about the hijab is that they are so comfortable you can wear it for any event. Even the gym and still be fashionable. If anything I highly recommend this brand. The material feels amazing. Color choice also has many to choice from season to season.


They are very soft, durable and easy to wash and wear. I have bought other jersey hijabs and i can really tell the difference between those and levoile's. My10 year wears hijabs full time mA and she really like to wear them to school without pins or anything. I just need to buy her the shorter ones but she insists on wearing my long ones. I will be buying the new colors very soon.


I just wanted to say that I wore LeVoile first day back to work and it rocked! It stayed on so well all day and so comfortable! My coworkers lived the color too. Thank you!! May Allah bless your ventures and grant you barakah.


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